Who Will Stop the Rain?

One particular misconception about a walk-in cooler or freezer cabinet located outdoors is that because the insulated panels are locked together with cam locks and have gaskets on both sides that the ceiling panels can withstand rain without leaking. While the panels do a great job keeping the outside heat from getting inside the cabinet and keeping the refrigerated air from escaping outside, when it rains, they can not prevent the rain from getting inside the cabinet.

Flat Roof Installation Services Batavia NY

There are several ways though that can prevent your walk-in cabinet from leaking when it rains. One way is to utilize Flat Roof Installation Services Batavia NY. This was once the most common way utilized, especially on smaller cabinets up to about 10′ wide years ago, and was relatively effective if the proper roofing membrane was utilized and it was installed properly. The most common roofing membrane had a thin aluminum sheet on the outside and a tar sheet on the inside. The installer would heat a bucket of tar and spread it all over the top of the cabinet and then lay this membrane on top of the heated tar.

The membrane sheets were about 4 feet wide and the edges of each sheet were sealed to the adjacent sheet. In more recent years a vinyl membrane became the most popular and the sheets were attached to the top of the ceiling panels with aluminum plates and coated screws on tabs that were then covered by the next sheet of membrane.

Eventually, sloped roofs were the most popular choice, especially for walk-in cabinets wider than 8 feet and for all widths in areas of the country that were prone to heavy rains and snow. The slope was accomplished by laying down sheets of styrofoam between the membrane and the roof panels using diminishing thicknesses from one edge to the other.

This method when installed properly with the vinyl membrane product has been proven to definitely stop the rain.

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