Which Are the Most Committed Crimes?

The number of crimes and offenses committed in different areas varies depending on a few factors. These include economic opportunities and conflicts caused by societal aspects. However, some atrocities are common around the world, as you shall learn in this article. It is imperative for the offenders to seek help from the Law Office of Genine Ann Mejia. Crimes and offenses are committed every day, but you may not have any reports because not all of those acts attract national attention. 


DUI stands for driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Most accidents that happen on today’s roads are caused by careless driving, DUI being on top of that list. Charges of DUI can be laid out against you if you are physically or mentally impaired while driving a vehicle.

Automobile Theft

This crime has been ranked as one of the most prevalent in today’s generation. Car thieves make good business from stolen vehicles. To beat the competition, manufacturers make cheap cars that are easy to break into. This has been a major contributor to the upsurge in vehicle theft crimes.


You may be surprised to learn that about 2 million burglary-related offenses are reported annually. The other name for this offense is breaking. Burglary refers to a situation where a person forcefully makes their way into a building to commit a felony or theft. 


Theft is different from burglary because it does not necessarily involve breaking into a building. This offense is common, covering about 60% of all annual crime reports. The different types of theft include shoplifting, pickpocketing, and stealing bicycle and motor vehicle parts and accessories. 

The above-discussed crimes are among the most prevalent in many parts of the world. You can prevent some of them, like burglary and car theft, by having stable security systems in your home and vehicle.

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