When You Should Speak With a Disability Attorney

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Are you trying to be approved for and collect your Social Security Disability Insurance? You may be hesitant to hire an attorney due to the cost, but federal law states that your legal fees can be no more than 25% of your disability back pay, but no more than $6,000. The truth is, some situations should be handled by a lawyer.

When You Are Injured

The earlier you contact a local attorney, e.g., Iowa disability lawyers, the quicker you can be approved. Your first task should be contacting local lawyers for a free consultation. Then, the lawyer will look over your case to determine how likely you are to be approved. These professionals can also tell you what would make your case stronger, what paperwork you need from your doctors, etc. They will help you present the strongest case. If your financial situation is especially precarious, it is even more important that you start early.

When You Fill Out the Initial Application

An attorney will give you the best opportunity to gain early approval. These professionals know how to frame your application to give you the best chance of acceptance early. If your disability is approved upon first application, your legal fees are much lower because your back pay is minimal. This also means that you start receiving your payments quickly.

When Your Application Has Been Denied

If you have already filled out and submitted your paperwork and you have been denied your disability benefits, it’s time to find a disability lawyer. These professionals can look over your paperwork and your medical records and determine why you were denied. Then, they can appeal your case with more documentation to prove your condition. If you are called in for a hearing, your attorney will argue your case for you, but your lawyer will do everything possible to get you an on-the-board decision, which does not require a hearing.

If you are disabled, you need the best appeal for your disability insurance. Do your research, start as early as possible, and stick with it until you are approved.

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