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What You Should Know About Bail Bonds

Bail bonds are amounts required to get a defendant out of jail. This amount is determined by a judge or bail schedule within 2 days of an arrest. It is important that a defendant leave jail as soon as possible after an arrest, therefore their loved ones may search for “bail bonds Allentown PA” or bond services in their areas, but they should learn a few things about bail bonds while before they conduct their searches.

Bail Bonds


Each state regulates its bail process, and bail must be paid in the way the state requires or it will not be granted. In some states, defendants must pay their full bail in cash or through collateral. Collateral includes any real estate property, investments, jewelry or vehicles. Anything with inherent value may be considered for collateral. Felony defendants will often offer all they can to get out of jail quickly.


Before you can pay a bail bond and gain a suspect’s release, you need the defendant’s booking number and full name. You also need to understand the reason the person was arrested and the exact bail amount required by the court. Then, you will sign paperwork that states you are responsible for the entire bail amount if the defendant violates any of the court’s conditions for release, including appearing in court. Other conditions may include maintaining employment or not violating restraining orders.


Be sure to read all the bond conditions. The defendant must also avoid illegal actions and typically cannot be in possession of firearms. If a suspect fails to adhere to their bond conditions, they may be returned to jail. Any cash bail or collateral will also be surrendered to the court permanently. The final verdict and possibly the sentencing may also be affected by bail violations. 

However, there are conditions under which a violation can be reviewed, such as medical emergencies.

Be sure to hire the right legal counsel and bail bondsman to ensure your quick release and success in court.

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