What To Expect When You Get Fingerprinted

Getting fingerprinted is often associated with criminal activity, but there are lots of reasons that people want or need fingerprints. If you are nervous about the process, it helps to know what to expect.

What To Expect When You Get Fingerprinted

How Fingerprints Are Made

In the past, most fingerprints were made by using fingerprint kits Jamaica NY that contain an ink pad and cards. To take the prints, the operator presses the tip of each of your fingers onto the ink pad and then presses your fingertip to the card. In many places, these traditional kits are being replaced with electronic scanners. Instead of putting your fingertips in ink, the operator asks you to place your fingertips on a scanning surface and the machine takes a picture of your finger. Both of these methods can be used to make prints that are either a flat image of the center of your fingertip or an image that involves rolling the finger to get the entire pattern.

How To Get Ready for Your Appointment

Wear a short-sleeved or sleeveless shirt or if you must wear long sleeves, make sure they are loose and easy to pull back from your wrists. Don’t wear dangly bracelets or an excessive amount of rings on your fingers. Drinking plenty of water the day before will help you stay hydrated and produce better prints. It may also be helpful to apply lotion to your hands the day before, but don’t use it right before your appointment. Immersing your hands in water can cause them to swell and produce substandard prints. Avoid washing dishes or swimming the day of your appointment. Do not apply sanitizer right before your appointment.

Getting fingerprinted is a straightforward process that doesn’t require much from you other than to take some simple common-sense steps and listen to the instructions of the operator. If you remain calm and do as you are instructed, you should be done with the process in a few minutes.

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