What Does a Franchise Contract Lawyer Do?

There are so many different areas of law to practice in that the average person can find it difficult to know when to hire an attorney and when to go it on their own. In business matters, it is usually better to find an experienced lawyer to help you from the moment you decide on a startup idea through the franchise process and even through handing over the reins when you retire. This can save you from many of the common pitfalls that shut other companies down.

What Does a Franchise Contract Lawyer Do?

Help You Understand Franchise Contracts

One of the first things a franchise contract lawyer will do is help you find a good franchise to buy into through identifying the best ones in your target industry and going over the Franchise Disclosure Document, FDD, that the franchiser is required to provide the franchisee prior to signing the contract. Having a franchise attorney in your corner means getting experienced advice on the FDD and contract to better understand the responsibilities and liabilities for all parties involved. He or she can also draw up an FDD and contract when you want to grow your small business into a booming franchise.

Protect Your Interests

franchise attorney can help protect your interests both in the courtroom and before you turn in any documents. He or she can go over your options for business entities with you and help you decide which is the best fit for your personal, legal and financial needs as well as aid in writing up any contracts that you may need. Franchise lawyers also help with litigation if you are being sued by a franchisee or if you need to file suit against a franchiser, help spot warning signs in an FDD or contract and draft documents needed to become a franchiser.

A franchise lawyer can help you turn your successful startup into an international franchise through drawing up contracts and Franchise Disclosure Documents. He or she can also help you choose the right franchise to buy, navigate an FDD and contract to become a franchisee and litigate on your behalf if something goes wrong.

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