What Can a Personal Injury Attorney Do for You?

Anytime you’re involved in an accident, which was caused by another person, or entity, you should consider consulting an attorney. The courts have set up a system of laws to help people in those circumstances recover from the financial burden, which is inevitably caused by accidents. These accidents include auto accidents, dog bites, slip and fall accidents, and product liability injuries.

After an accident causes you injury, the insurance representative for the opposing party will likely contact you. They will present you with a quick cash settlement offer and they will pressure you to accept it. They know, once you do accept a settlement, you waive the right to seek additional compensation. If your injuries turn out to be more extensive, the settlement will likely not be enough to cover those expenses.

When you hire an Oregon auto accident attorney , he will negotiate for a fair settlement on your behalf. In many cases, the insurance company will agree to a higher settlement, once they realize you’re working with an attorney. This is because they will try to avoid a lengthy and more costly court battle, if possible.

If the insurance company won’t agree to a fair settlement, your attorney will already be prepared to pursue a court case. An experienced personal injury attorney will know how to gather compelling evidence and will have access to professional, who can testify on your behalf. Without the resources of an attorney, you’ll likely have difficulty winning your case.

After this type of accident, many people hesitate to consult an attorney out of a fear of additional expenses. They’re already facing high hospital bills, missed days from work, and the possibility of paying for long-term therapy. Fortunately, personal injuries don’t charge their fees up front. They offer a free initial consultation and work on a contingency basis. A contingency means the lawyer’s fee is a percentage of your settlement, so he doesn’t get paid, unless he wins your case. In addition to alleviating your financial concerns, this also means your lawyer will work hard to ensure you receive a fair settlement.

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