Understanding OSHA Recordable Incidents

Within the workplace, employees have a reasonable expectation of safety and security. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) is instrumental in establishing conditions that would encourage this kind of environment. However, accidents still happen and some employees seek advice from a workplace injury lawyer Portland OR office. Employers are required to file a report with OSHA anytime a recordable incident occurs, and here are some things that must be recorded.

OSHA Recordable Incidents

The rules of OSHA require that any work-related illness or injury that has the following results must be recorded (reported to OSHA). These situations include:

  • Loss of consciousness
  • Medical treatment beyond first aid
  • Transfer to another position or restricted work
  • Time away from work for one or more days after the date of the incident
  • An illness or injury that has been diagnosed by a licensed health care professional
  • A work-related fatality

The only exception to these reporting situations if for employers that have ten or fewer employees. These businesses are exempted from filing requirements.

Who’s to Blame

Many business owners or HR personnel feel that by filling out a report and sending the incident to OSHA, they are admitting guilt in the situation. Maintaining a record doesn’t assign fault or automatically declare that an OSHA rule was violated. Recordable incidents don’t guarantee the eligibility of an employee for worker’s comp or disability benefits. OSHA uses the data from records all over the country to works towards more safe and healthful working conditions.  

The Recordable Threshold

Any illness or injury where treatment is limited to first aid efforts is not recordable. There are 14 treatments that fall under this category, and there are four areas of treatment for musculoskeletal injuries that fall under this classification as well. Anytime an employee loses consciousness on the job, the situation is considered recordable.

Failing to fill out the proper paperwork for a workplace injury can get your company in a lot of trouble. Have easy access to the documents needed and train supervisors on incidents that must be reported.

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