Tips To Save Water at Home

Conserving water helps to not only reduce your utility bill but protects the environment. If reducing your water consumption is a priority for you, consider these tips to help get you started.

Fix Those Pesky Leaks

Pesky Leaks

If you have a faucet that leaks, you could be wasting more than 3000 gallons per year, according to Fox Valley Plumbing. The piping in your home, under sinks and under the floor, can have leaks that go unnoticed for a while. As soon as you notice a leak, get to work fixing it. You’ll not only save on your water bill but also prevent extensive water damage from occurring.

Install Low-Flow Faucets

Limiting the rate of water flow that comes out of your fixtures helps you conserve water automatically. The average American uses almost 100 gallons of water a day. By replacing your showerheads and sink fixtures, you can reduce water consumption by 20% or more. When shopping for fixtures, look for those with a gallon-per-minute of 2.5 or less. If tackling all your fixtures at once seems too large a task, try replacing one a month. By the end of the year, you’ll have a more water-efficient home.

Limit Irrigation

Watering lawns and plants takes a tremendous amount of water. Reconsider your irrigation plan to see if it could be made more efficient. Watering during the early morning hours helps to prevent water loss due to evaporation. Another option is to use soaker hoses instead of sprinklers to reduce the amount of water lost. Double-check your sprinkler system to prevent misalignment from watering areas that don’t need it, such as the gutter or your driveway. If you want to eliminate the need for irrigation completely, you can replace your lawn with drought resistant plants.

All it takes are a few easy upgrades to reduce the amount of water you use at home. Try one of these changes today.

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