Tips for Cleaning and Reorganizing Your Garage

If your garage is so packed with stuff that you can’t fit your car in it or find a spot to work, then it is time to get that garage cleaned out and reorganized. Read on for a few tips and tricks to get you started.

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Clean Out

Your first step is to get everything out of your garage and wash down the space. Sort through your possessions, and decide what you should keep and what you can pass on. Be realistic. If you haven’t used something in years, it’s doubtful that you will again. Consider donating items you don’t keep to a local charity.


Next, sketch out a design for your garage. Incorporate open shelving along some walls and vertical organizing systems like pegboards or panels on other walls. You should also set aside floor space for your lawn mowers, snow blower or other large items. Don’t forget to utilize overhead space, too. A long shelf beneath the rafters is an ideal spot for items you don’t access very often but still want to keep. And of course leave room for your cars.

Create a Workstation

You should also include a workstation as part of your design. There is plenty of opportunity to get creative here, especially if you can build your workstation yourself. Make sure you have plenty of work surface, but also add shelving, cabinets and drawers. If you need a larger surface but don’t have enough space, install a folding top that can double your work area. You might also put your workstation on Hamilton casters so that you can move it out for even more room to work.

Set Up Your Space

Finally it will be time to set up your space, install your shelves, organizers and workstation and find homes for all your stuff. Work systematically, and make sure that each item has a place. Then you can step back, admire your handiwork and get ready to enjoy your clean and reorganized garage.

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