The Reality of Dealing With An Arrest

Coming under the thumb of the law is never an enjoyable experience. People are arrested for a variety of reasons, however, from driving while under the influence to being involved in a domestic dispute. Whether or not a person is actually guilty of a crime, however, if they are arrested there will be a lot of serious issues to deal with. Ultimately, if you or someone you love is arrested, it’s important to face reality sooner rather than later and start making some big decisions very quickly.

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The Right To An Attorney

Anyone who is arrested has the right to consult an attorney who can help them decide on their plea and navigate the legal system. An arrested person who is unable to afford an attorney can also have one appointed, which is is a wise idea if a person can’t afford the fees.

Posting Bail

Once a person has been arrested and booked, they will have to stay in jail until bail is set. Bail is the money that must be posted in order to allow the arrested person to leave jail “on their own recognizance” until their trial. The amount of money paid in bail serves as a kind of guarantee that the person won’t “take flight” and avoid showing up in court. The reality, however, is that many people can’t afford to come up with the amount of money due for bail, and if this is the case they can have someone go to a bail bondsman weld county co or in another local area. Once the case has been resolved, the bail will be returned to the bondsman along with an interest fee.

Without a doubt, serving time in jail is a deeply unpleasant reality, especially for someone who may have their sentence commuted. Putting up a bail bond is at least a way to avoid spending time in jail away from family while awaiting sentencing, so in that way it is a positive move when dealing with arrest.

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