The 3 Most Common Criminal Justice Sentences

When defendants are convicted in the criminal justice system, they are sentenced to several types of punishments. These sentences depend on the severity of the crime, as well as factors like criminal records and differences by state or county. Despite the uniqueness of each case, there are some sentences that are more common than others. 


Incarceration is a type of incapacitation sentence that requires the offenders to spend a certain amount of time inside a facility. The goal is to physically top the defendants from committing future crimes. People convicted of misdemeanors, defendants who are not convicted and felons who violate parole usually spend time in county-run jails. Meanwhile, state and federal government run prisons, where convicted felons serve out their lengthy sentences. 


A sentence that focuses more on rehabilitation than incapacitation, parole allows certain qualified prisoners the ability to finish their sentences earlier than their established term. If they follow specific guidelines, the parole board determines they are ready to reenter society and become law-abiding citizens. Parolees are under supervision after their release and must continue to meet requirements until the end of the initial prison term. Parole violations can send them to jail to serve the rest of the term. 


The most common sentence is probation, where convicts can avoid incarceration in exchange for following guidelines and providing community service. The defendants must report to a probation officer and adhere to restrictions involving travel, substance abuse, socialization and others. They must also serve the community and take relevant courses like anger management class or a john school diversion program. If the sentenced violates probation, they can face incarceration. 

The criminal justice system uses a variety of punishments that depend on elements like the severity of the crimes and the offenders’ history. The defendants can benefit from learning about these sentences and consulting their attorneys to receive the best outcome. 

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