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Inside The Law College Scam

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Not too long ago, the choice of the Commission of Larger Education (CHEd) to close down (6) six of the 107 law schools across the nation has alarmed a number of law disciples as nicely as the community of law practitioners considering that most of law students flunk the Bar Examinations (equivalent to the national licensure exam for admission to the practice of law) administered by the Supreme Court (SC) in the last ten years (1999-2009) although some law schools post a performance percentile rank of zero”. Above all, applicants need to strive to pick the ideal law school that will aid drive them towards good results. Although attending 1 of the major law schools profiled in this section could possibly be advantageous to some students, other people may possibly locate the competitive, rigorous research too taxing. Smaller or lesser-recognized law schools may well have a studying environment that is far more conducive for some personalities. Attending a top law school can assist with job placement due to the fact of the comprehensive alumni network.