Safety Tips for Your Restaurant

For diners, restaurants are places of relaxation. For cooks, servers, and other staff, the restaurant can be chaotic and full of potential dangers. As a restaurant owner, you want your place of business to be safe for everyone. Here are a few tips to make your establishment safe for your employees.

Ensure Food Safety

Food safety should be a top priority of all restaurants. Cross-contamination presents serious health problems and can spell trouble for your business. Make sure every one of your employees understands basic food safety regulations.

Encourage the Use of Slip-Resistant (and Comfortable) Shoes

Spills happen. An employee in a hurry could step right into it and fall. To keep cooks, servers, hosts, and all other employees safe, everyone should wear slip-resistant shoes. The shoes should be comfortable and supportive, too, to prevent pain and back problems.

Maintain Emergency Equipment

Even with proper safety measures followed, a fire can break out. The proper safety equipment, like sprinkler systems Rockland County NY and fire extinguishers, are a must. Not only should you have them, but they should also be maintained so that you can act quickly and get any fire under control before it causes an even bigger problem.  

Have Everyone Make Their Presence Known

Kitchens are busy. Everyone moves so quickly to ensure that food gets to your patrons in a timely manner. If a cook doesn’t know someone else is moving behind him, an accident could occur. Everyone needs to announce their presence, especially when walking around the corner or moving behind someone with a hot pan. Simple statements like “Hot,” “Behind,” or “Corner” notify others of a worker’s presence, thereby helping to prevent injuries.

Satisfied patrons are vital to your restaurant. So are safe and happy employees. Taking steps to ensure the safety of your workers allows them to provide customers with incredible, delicious meals every day.

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