Safe Ways Churches Can Celebrate Reopening

After prayers, plans and implementation of safety measures, church members look forward to returning to their places of worship with thankful hearts. As the congregants resume services, many organizations want to celebrate the renewal of worship in a meaningful and safe manner. Faith groups can consider these ways to commemorate reopening over the coming weeks.

Memorialize the Event

The pandemic and accompanying losses will be part of the history of every community and organization. Religious groups may want to establish a reminder of this impact on their congregation. Perhaps members gifted in fabric art could create a special banner to hang in the narthex or sanctuary. A thoughtful project can involve a number of participants with various skill levels. Another possibility is to commission liturgical items Kansas City MO specialty businesses offer, such as a customized candelabra that is meaningful to the group.

Reopen With Flowers

Flowers add an expressive statement to momentous occasions, and resuming worship services after several months brings out many emotions. Some members or congregations may choose to utilize professional floral decorations, but it is also the time of year churchgoers can provide lovely cut-flower arrangements from their own gardens. Either way, flowers signify gratitude and a warm welcome to returning participants.

Provide Help for Others

Another fitting way for faith organizations to restart their regular gatherings is to help others who are still struggling with the effects of the pandemic. Many opportunities exist throughout the community, the nation and the world to make a difference. Projects could involve collections for food banks, blood drives or job-search programs for the unemployed. Meeting the needs of others not only provides crucial assistance but also bonds the group’s members as they work together for a common cause.

Whether your church has already resumed services or is still planning for a safe reopening, help the congregation express gratitude for a new beginning. Involve all the members and reach out to those in need.

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