Responsibilities of Concealed Carry Permit Holders

Concealed carry permit holders have a few very specific responsibilities to ensure the safety of others and themselves. Therefore, before you purchase your weapon, holsters and clothing, such as a concealment vest, you should understand your responsibilities as a gun and permit holder.

Concealed Carry

Get Training

If you carry concealed, do not pull your weapon if you are not in danger. If you draw your weapon, you should be fully prepared to use it. Not only do you need weapons training, including target and field training, but you may also need psychological training.

If your assailant does not believe you will shoot, your weapon becomes a danger to you. If you pull your weapon, you should be ready to shoot to kill, and your body language should be confident and sure so criminals know you are unafraid to pull the trigger, they may back off without a fight.

Consistency is Key

If you have made a commitment to carry a concealed weapon, do so regularly. If you do not carry regularly, you may be unprepared during an attack. Also, during the times you do carry, you may act in ways that reveal you are carrying. For example, you may check for or adjust your weapon or move your clothing around, which may reveal your weapon and create dangerous situations.

Choose a Proper Weapon

No matter what weapon you carry, the law will see it is a deadly weapon. However, a single-shot, .22 caliber handgun will do little to stop one or more assailants. Therefore, consider a revolver that holds at least 5 rounds and is of a higher caliber, such as a.380 or 9mm.

Carry additional ammunition and a spare gun. Consider choosing the same or a similar weapon for your spare because you will be used to its weight, kick and firing and safety procedures. Not only will a second weapon serve as a spare, but it will also be a replacement if your primary weapon is ever held for evidence.

Concealed carry permit holders are responsible for keeping themselves and others safe. Learn your responsibilities before carrying.

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