Massage Therapy Tips – How to Keep Your Clients Relaxed

When you give a massage, most people ignore their breathing. However, a massage therapist can make your clients breathe as you work on tight muscles and joints. Breathing deeply into the area helps increase circulation and relax the client. Some massage therapy school Atlanta may offer a few tips for massage therapists.

Techniques used in massage therapy

Massage therapists employ different techniques to achieve the desired effect. Some of the most common methods involve vibration, which is associated with Swedish massage. Others, such as the tapotement massage, use continuous pressure on specific areas of the body to create feelings of relaxation and ease muscle tension. Finally, the effleurage technique is often used at the beginning of a massage and is particularly effective in easing the muscles for more aggressive techniques.

Trigger point therapy is often confused with pressure point therapy. Trigger points are areas of the body that are sensitive to massage and can induce varying degrees of discomfort. For example, trigger points can cause headaches, neck discomfort, and muscular strain. Janet G. Travell discovered trigger spots in the body using MRI images in 2007. Trigger point therapy follows a similar protocol to other massage practices but delves into the fascial layer of the body to release tension in the neuromuscular junction.


When working full-time as a massage therapist, it’s crucial to practice self-care. By using a schedule, you’ll be able to get regular massages, but you must make time for yourself. Take a break to avoid burnout and refocus. Performing self-care activities help you avoid common problems that can derail your productivity.

It’s the new year again, and we’ve all set goals and benchmarks for the new year or decade. In the media, we are constantly bombarded with methods to achieve these goals and improve our lives. Yet, we tend to overlook self-care. Caring for ourselves can mean the difference between a fulfilling career and an injury. Massage therapy can help you achieve both. So, why not book a massage appointment to treat yourself to some self-care time?

Communication with clients

Communicate with your clients. Ensure you know their expectations and what they might want from the massage therapy sessions. For example, if a client has a physical issue, ask them how much the pain hurts and what their daily activities are like. Also, ask if they have any allergies so that you can make adjustments if necessary. In general, massage therapists shouldn’t offer solutions that won’t be comfortable for the client.

Be open to client requests. Listen to your client’s concerns and suggestions, but don’t give away your ideas. It’s okay to ask questions during a massage, but don’t talk too much. Your client might reveal a deep emotional or personal story, and your professional boundaries should be firm and clear. If you feel comfortable talking to your clients, you’ll be able to give them an exceptional massage.


If you offer massage therapy services, one of the best things you can do is clean your table daily. You can purchase a massage table with a warming unit, but if you don’t have one, you should clean your table manually after every client. Also, remove any table accessories before each session to prevent cross-contamination. Moisture barriers are an effective way to keep the table clean because they prevent residue from massages from sticking to the table. In addition, these barriers are almost undetectable under the sheet.

Besides cleaning the table after each client, you should also ensure your room is clean. A dirty room is not a pleasant place to visit. In addition, clients don’t want to see evidence of past clients. Ensure the table is clean, sanitized, and free of any traces of lubricant. Make sure the table isn’t rocking, too. This way, you can provide your clients with the best massage possible.

Maintaining a sanitary environment.

Massage therapists must adhere to public health regulations while working with clients. It is also essential to follow a strict schedule of cleaning and maintenance. For example, massage therapists must wash their hands before and after each client to prevent the spread of germs and bacteria. In addition, all tools, such as stones and thermal packs, must be disinfected between clients. This includes massage oil, lotions, and lubricants.

Restroom facilities must be easily accessible and provide hand washing capabilities. The establishment must have a sanitary restroom within twenty feet of the treatment room. Restroom facilities must be clean, free of pests, and well-ventilated. Temporary locations must provide reasonable efforts to maintain sanitary conditions. Among other things, the establishment owner must provide safe passage and eliminate waste materials. Providing a sterile face cushion to protect the client from harmful microorganisms is also essential.

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