Locked Out of Your Car? Here are 3 Things You Can Do

Getting locked out of your car can be frustrating, embarrassing, and in some cases, downright scary. Here are three things you can do in the event you join the ranks of drivers who have found themselves in this unfortunate situation.

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1. Make Sure You’re Really Locked Out

It sounds obvious, but as soon as you think you’re locked out, panic can set in. So take a deep breath and run down this quick checklist:

  • Walk around the car and try each door, confirming they are all locked; and while you’re at it, verify that your keys aren’t hanging from the lock.
  • Calmly check your pockets, purse or bag, and any jackets you may have flung over your arm. Even if you don’t find your normal key, you may be surprised to find that spare key you made two years ago and tucked away in case of emergency.
  • Take a good look. Is this your car? If you’re using a keyless FOB and the car isn’t unlocking, make sure you’re trying to get into the right vehicle.

2. Look Up a Locksmith

When you’re in a hurry and see your keys inside your locked car sitting on the console, it can be frustrating. Calling for a locksmith Buffalo TX may be the fastest way to get on the road and if your insurance includes roadside assistance, you may not have to pay out of pocket. Be sure to check your policy before getting on the road and check with the locksmith to ensure they’re willing to bill your insurance directly to avoid anything unexpected. 

3. Call 911

If you’re in an unfamiliar area, it’s late at night, or you’re uncomfortable waiting for help by yourself, consider calling 911. Your safety is important, and often an officer can even get the door unlocked for you. If not, they can help you call for assistance and wait with you until help arrives.

By following these steps, you can better ensure that you’ll be on the road quickly and safely.

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