Learn About the Most Common Household Pests

Whether you are renting an apartment or own a house, you likely clean your residence often to prevent pests. While the occasional bug is inevitable, the larger presence of certain organisms can disrupt your life. These pests can damage your property, consume your food and even harm you with bites or bacteria. Stop these unwelcome guests by learning about them and providing a professional exterminator staten island with the right information. 


Cockroaches are usually a problem in kitchens, bathrooms and trash-filled locations. Beyond their unpleasant appearance, the true risk of these insects comes from the dangerous bacteria they spread. Even if your house is clean, they come from filthy places and bring contents that can impact your home and your health. Additionally, some people have strong allergies to these creatures. If you see roaches, call for assistance immediately to prevent a bigger infestation. 

Bed Bugs 

Other creatures that may invade your home include bed bugs. These parasites inhabit furniture, carpeting and clothing, meaning they are common pests in houses, apartment complexes, hotels and other residential and hospitality areas. Bed bugs also sneak easily via luggage, so you may be vulnerable if you travel often. These insects do not carry diseases, but their bites can cause other issues like itchiness, sleep loss and skin infections. Let professionals handle any bed bug cases at home. 


Not every pest at home is an insect or arachnid. An infestation of rodents like mice and rats can also create problems at home. These vermin not only eat your food, but also chew and destroy the walls, the building’s wiring and other structures and property. They also carry potentially dangerous bacteria and diseases, as well as other pests like ticks and fleas. An exterminator ensures your residence is rodent-free. 

Pests can have a varying impact on your life, from annoyances to major health hazards. Take the time to learn about them, recognize signs of their presence and contact an exterminator who can safely handle the problem.  

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