How To Help a Loved One in Jail

When you’re informed that someone you care about has been incarcerated, the news is never welcome. Regardless of your loved one’s crimes, you know their life will be changed forever. You may be more than willing to help however you can, but are unclear on exactly what to do. Here are a few concrete suggestions.

How To Help a Loved One in Jail

Send Money

Once in the system, one of your relative’s most urgent requirements will be gaining access to basic necessities beyond the bare minimum issued by the authorities. Correctional institutions commonly have a commissary selling snacks, toiletries, envelopes, postage stamps and other assorted items. Special couriers who contract with detention facilities can physically make an inmate account deposit LA County of funds on your behalf. To do this, however, you’ll need to know the convict’s booking number, which can be obtained by contacting the jail or the detainee directly.

Stay in Touch

Sometimes, the greatest comfort for people in jail is knowing someone is there for them. Especially if you were their one phone call, be prepared to take any other phone calls from your loved ones behind bars. Jails can also send and receive letters, where those on the inside can express their concerns, and those on the outside can offer news and support. If you’re able to travel, you should arrange to sit with your relatives during designated visiting hours, and attend their court dates to show them you care.

Work for Their Release

Whenever possible, your loved ones will appreciate more than moral support. Ensure they receive proper representation. Research local lawyers with expert experience in your loved one’s particular charges. In the meantime, start raising money to post their bail as soon as it’s set. If you can provide 10% of the whole amount to a bail bondsman, you can have your relatives released on their own recognizance.

These are the best things you can do for your family members during their detention. Hopefully, you’ll have your loved ones home soon.

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