How To Help a Friend Cope With Divorce

Seeing a friend go through a divorce is difficult, whether you’ve been through the situation yourself or not. No one wants to see someone they care about suffer, but it might be hard to know what to say. If you know someone going through a divorce, here’s how you can help them cope.

Help a Friend Cope With Divorce

Listen to Them

When a friend’s marriage is ending, they need someone to listen to them. Although you might be tempted to dole out advice, it’s not what they need. Even if it’s an amicable or uncontested divorce Arlington VA, it’s still a major life change. Being heard by someone they trust is worth its weight in gold.

Resist Criticizing Their Ex

On the other hand, your friend may be frustrated and angry with their ex. It’s hard to not be critical if you know their ex is to blame but resist the urge. Understand that emotions run the gamut during divorce, but at sometime in the future, your friend might develop a healthy relationship with their ex.

Don’t Pass Judgment

Many times the best way to be a good friend is to hold back your opinion. When your friend talks, listen to them without passing judgment. Instead of making assumptions, ask what you can do to help. Just because they’re handling the situation differently than you would doesn’t make it wrong.

Keep Things to Yourself

Part of being a true friend means you can be trusted with personal information. When a friend confides in you during their divorce, don’t talk about it behind their back. If someone else asks about them, don’t divulge private information and encourage them to connect on their own.

When a friend is going through a divorce, it’s difficult to watch. Be the best friend you can by listening to them, remaining non-judgmental and giving them a safe place to heal.

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