How is Important Compensation in Your Business

An employee is injured at their workplace every seven seconds. This is the sobering statistic from the National Safety Council (NSC). Many of these are in the form of slips, trips, and falls that were preventable if the proper safety precautions were taken by the business. Unfortunately, these are not addressed in some organizations.

Workers’ Compensation

If you are harmed due to a workplace injury or, unfortunately, a family member is killed, you are entitled to workers’ compensation insurance. Companies across the United States, including Oregon, are mandated to own a policy by law. What that coverage is and its payouts depends on the number of employees the business has. Medical expenses in the form of doctor and hospital bills are covered under these policies. In addition, your company’s may also handle disability payments while you recover as well as rehabilitation and, in the worst case, death benefits.

Assistance to get the required compensation

Unfortunately, there are some situations where the company is reluctant to pay out worker’s compensation. They can claim the injury is self-inflicted or it took place in a location that was not a remote worksite. In another situation, they may pay only a small percentage of your bills and disability. When these problems occur, you need to reach out to a worker’s compensation lawyer for assistance. Firms across the state, like the law offices of Peter O. Hansen, offer services to assist you in these claims. Their goal is to provide you with 100% of the compensation you are entitled to from your injury.

How they work for you

These firms gather all of your information, including medical bills, x-rays, and reports to state and local authorities like the Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OSHA). This is presented to your management and their lawyers for an out of court solution. Should your employee be unwilling to pay any more, then the workers’ compensation lawyer will ensure you receive the best possible outcome during a trial. In the end, they want businesses to uphold the state laws and keep their integrity by supporting an injured employee. workers compensation attorney salem oregon

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