How Do Bail Bonds Work?

If you get arrested for committing a crime, you must stay in jail until your court date arrives. This is frustrating if you need to get back to work or your family. Plus, staying in jail for several days isn’t what anyone wants to do. Although you can pay your bail in cash, most people don’t have the funds to actually do this.

But bail is an important part of making sure that people come back to court. It’s essentially a type of insurance that ensures you will come back for your court date – if you come to court, you will receive the money you paid in bail back.

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Understanding the Bail Bond

Most people end up turning to a bonding company Surry County NC to help them post bail following an arrest. The bonding company will post bail for them. In exchange, you will have to put down some sort of collateral to prove that you will pay the bonding company back after you go to court. In some cases, the bonding company will charge interest on the bail they pay for you.

How the Bonding Process Works

After you post bail with the help of a bonding company, you go to court. Then, you pay the bonding company the money you owe them once you get the funds back from the court. If you do not go to court, you will owe the bonding company the amount of bail plus interest. And you will not have the funds provided by the court to make this lump sum payment. Depending on the situation, the bonding company may seek payment from your friends or family members.

Using a bail bond can be an effective way to get out of jail quickly and get back to your life while you wait for the court date. You just have to make sure you show up to court to conclude this part of the process.

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