How Could a DUI Charge Impact You?

Going out for a few drinks seems pretty simple and fun. It’s a chance to break free from the day’s stressors, socialize with friends and relax a bit out of the house. The choices made following those few beverages, though, could have some serious consequences. While drinking over 21 is legal, driving with too much of it in your system is illegal. Pairing the two together could lead to trouble, creating damaging consequences to your life. 

What Is a DUI?

The term DUI refers to “driving under the influence.” It applies to not only a car, but any motorized vehicle or form of transportation. When blood alcohol content is above the legal limit and impairs functioning, a driver is deemed dangerous and could be pulled over and charged.

Is It Really Going To Hurt You?

This isn’t a detention in high school. Those disappear when you leave the institution. Arrests and final verdicts are public record, searchable online for anyone to find. You may have to report it to employers or other volunteer associations; thus, it might damage your reputation and hinder your ability to find job security. 

Depending on the severity of the case, you may be sentenced to jail time, asked to take substance abuse classes or complete community service projects. These deter from your daily life and alter your schedule. 

Can You Mitigate the Circumstances?

Don’t feel as if you must plead guilty. Efforts can be made to reduce the impacts. Work with a DUI attorney Newport Beach CA who understands the legal system and how to work with the court system. The professionals understand how to handle various levels of offense. They might be able to minimize a sentence or have it expunged off the record entirely.

Think about each drink you consume, remembering to be responsible at all times. If you have a little too much, rely on a designated driver to get you home safely.

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