Cool Things DNA Testing Can Do

DNA opens up science to a new world of possibilities. It allows scientists to open a window into the past and make predictions about the future of humans and other species. So in case you ever need DNA testing Victorville CA here are some cool things to know about DNA.


It Can Show Your Family Tree

DNA tests can match your genetic information against public databases to reveal your family ties. These tests can find your ancestors and even living relatives. They can also reveal the countries and regions that make up your lineage. This can introduce you to history and connections to cultures that you would’ve never known you had.

Outline Possible Futures

Gene samples can allow scientists to extrapolate potential outcomes for children and their genetics. If parents have predispositions to diseases, physical traits, or behavioral patterns, they can understand the likelihood that descendants will have those same attributes.

Understand How to Lose or Gain Weight

Your ability to gain, keep and lose weight is significantly impacted by your DNA! Diet is just one part of managing your weight. Up to 80% of your body fat is determined by your gene expression. Scientists are only beginning to understand how people’s genetic makeup plays into their ability to burn fat but medicine is advancing everyday.

Helps Solves Cold Cases

DNA is a professionals’ window into the past when it comes to solving old crimes. People who went unidentified for years have been recognized through DNA comparison. Even historical figures from as old as Ancient Egypt have been identified through DNA testing.

When scientists discovered DNA, it changed what was possible. It’s role has proliferated into almost every field of study, including law, medicine and more. It reveals mysteries in both the past and the future and expands what humans are able to know about themselves.

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