Tips to Find a Quality Lawyer

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Quality Lawyer

When facing any legal situation, finding a good lawyer is a must. To find this person, doing plenty of research is a must. Keep reading for some helpful tips on how to find the right lawyer for your situation.

Conduct Interviews with Candidates

One of the best ways to determine if you have found the right lawyer Onslow County NC is by interviewing them. Most lawyers will offer new clients an initial consultation – usually for an hour or less – for free. During this interview, be sure to ask any questions you have. This should include things like what experience the attorney has, how long they have been practicing law, and their track record of success.

Conduct a Background Check

Before you hire an attorney, you should contact the local disciplinary agency for your area. Make sure the attorney is in good standing with the bar. You can find an online listing of the disciplinary agencies in your area online.

Be sure to check references, too, especially if you found your attorney online. Take time to look at the peer review ratings from the lawyer, which indicates the attorney’s professional ability and ethical standards.

Visit the Lawyer’s Office

You can learn a lot about any lawyer from their office. Request a short tour of their law firm, beyond just the conference room where your meeting is held. Does it look neat and organized? Does the attorney look like they are handling their workload? Be sure to think about this as moving through the office.

Finding the right attorney for any legal matter is essential. By keeping the information here in mind, you can feel confident you have found a quality attorney and that they will be able to handle your legal matter. Being informed and knowing what you should consider is the best way to ensure the right legal representation is found.


3 Situations That May Require a Lawyer

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Most people do not want to be engaged in a situation that would involve going through the legal process. However, certain circumstances can happen in people’s lives where hiring a lawyer may be the best option.

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1. Lawsuit

Whether the position is as the plaintiff or the defendant, it is a good idea to have an experienced lawyer to give advice and build a case. Lawyers specialize in certain areas, so make sure that the person hired specializes in the correct field. For example, someone who has been injured in the workplace may want to consider hiring a workers comp attorney Portland Oregon.

2. Workplace Discrimination

There are laws on the books on both the federal and state level in the United States about workplace discrimination. In some cases, discrimination can escalate into a wrongful termination.  Employees who are dealing with issues at work are able to take action in the form of a lawsuit. Someone who has been discriminated against in the workplace may want to contact an attorney who is qualified to handle those types of cases.

3. Criminal Charges

Someone who has criminal charges brought up against them will want to consider their options carefully when it comes to a defense lawyer. Since lawyers do specialize in different types of cases, it is a good idea to check the credentials of whoever will be hired to ensure adequate representation. Even if the intent is to try to get a plea deal in order to avoid a lengthy court process, having a lawyer present can help guide the situation to more favorable results.

When deciding who to hire in any type of situation, it is a good idea to do careful research before signing any paperwork. Good representation can make a huge difference in the outcome of a case, and in some circumstances can impact people’s entire lives.


3 Types of Lawyers

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Not every lawyer can handle every kind of case that comes up. They often specialize in one area and become an expert on the laws that pertain only to one industry or field. When choosing representation, it is a good idea to find someone who is experienced in the type of case that will be presented so as to ensure the best possible outcome.

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1. Bankruptcy

Things come up in everyone’s lives, and sometimes those events can make it difficult or impossible to repay debts. Laws vary by region, so check with an experienced bankruptcy attorney Royal Palm Beach FL to find out what to do in the sunshine state. There are different options available, so be prepared to ask and answer questions to find the right solution.

2. Immigration

Navigating the immigration system can take years. Attaining citizenship can be a lot easier with the help of a knowledgeable immigration lawyer. They should be able to provide guidance that enables the process to go as quickly and smoothly as possible. A lawyer may also have connections to helpful services, like free language classes and information about the test process.

3. Employment

Workers have the right to a safe workplace that is free from harassment, wrongful termination and discrimination. If an employer violates the law and violates an employee’s privacy, does not properly compensate them for time worked or ignores their complaints about harassment or discrimination issues, then the staff member has the right to sue. Ask the attorney if they have had experience dealing with similar situations to make sure they are qualified to take on the case.

Having to go through a legal procedure can be stressful for most people. A good lawyer will ease any fears regarding the outcome while at the same time offering realistic solutions and prepare clients with the likely resolution scenario.


What Does a Franchise Contract Lawyer Do?

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There are so many different areas of law to practice in that the average person can find it difficult to know when to hire an attorney and when to go it on their own. In business matters, it is usually better to find an experienced lawyer to help you from the moment you decide on a startup idea through the franchise process and even through handing over the reins when you retire. This can save you from many of the common pitfalls that shut other companies down.

What Does a Franchise Contract Lawyer Do?

Help You Understand Franchise Contracts

One of the first things a franchise contract lawyer will do is help you find a good franchise to buy into through identifying the best ones in your target industry and going over the Franchise Disclosure Document, FDD, that the franchiser is required to provide the franchisee prior to signing the contract. Having a franchise attorney in your corner means getting experienced advice on the FDD and contract to better understand the responsibilities and liabilities for all parties involved. He or she can also draw up an FDD and contract when you want to grow your small business into a booming franchise.

Protect Your Interests

franchise attorney can help protect your interests both in the courtroom and before you turn in any documents. He or she can go over your options for business entities with you and help you decide which is the best fit for your personal, legal and financial needs as well as aid in writing up any contracts that you may need. Franchise lawyers also help with litigation if you are being sued by a franchisee or if you need to file suit against a franchiser, help spot warning signs in an FDD or contract and draft documents needed to become a franchiser.

A franchise lawyer can help you turn your successful startup into an international franchise through drawing up contracts and Franchise Disclosure Documents. He or she can also help you choose the right franchise to buy, navigate an FDD and contract to become a franchisee and litigate on your behalf if something goes wrong.


3 Common Court Case Types

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The legal system has no shortage of reasons to exist. Between civil matters, smalls claims courts and criminal proceedings, courthouses are rarely empty. The laws of each state are enforced through the courts when the parties cannot reach a settlement. Become familiar with three of the most common reasons people find themselves having to spend a day or more in court.

1. Divorce

Weddings are a time of celebration, but when the marriage does not work, the couple finds themselves embroiled in a divorce. As an expert family lawyer Oklahoma City OK can tell you, the process can become quite contentious if the parties are emotional. There are so many issues to work out in a divorce, such as:

  • Division of cash, property and debt
  • Child custody and visitation schedule
  • Child support
  • Spousal support

These topics may become polarizing, and if the couple does not put aside their differences to compromise, a judge has to intervene and decide.

2. Personal Injury Claims

When a person gets injured through the fault of another, they may file a lawsuit to get financial compensation. Personal injury claims are civil and seek a finding of negligence for the at-fault party. Common incidents that lead to these type of legal proceedings include:

  • Car accidents
  • Medical malpractice
  • Slip and fall incidents
  • Workers’ compensation actions

3. Criminal

A criminal proceeding may vary from misdemeanors or minor infractions up to first-degree felony charges. A criminal charge does not always end in jail time, but some may require it depending on the offense. People accused of these crimes are usually released and able to attend court proceedings. However, if they do not show up or if the crime they are accused of is serious, they may have to remain in jail until the judge or jury decides guilt or innocence. Examples of criminal proceedings include robbery, DUI and murder.

If you find yourself facing time in court, getting help from a legal professional may help you decide how to proceed.