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4 Home Upgrades To Cut Your Home’s Carbon Footprint

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A carbon footprint provides a picture of the amount of greenhouse gasses produced by your actions. How much power you consume impacts your emissions output. In the majority of households, more than half of all energy used is for heating and cooling. Reducing how much energy you need to heat and cool your home also reduces your carbon footprint and, as a result, your impact on the environment. Try these four home upgrades to get started. 

Home's Carbon

1. Change Your Thermostat

That is why even small changes in your home temperature can make a big difference in your overall energy consumption. The Department of Energy recommends adjusting your thermostat by 8-10 degrees for about eight hours each day. Installing a new programmable or smart thermostat can make that easier to achieve. 

2. Invest in Efficient Appliances

Major appliances are also big power guzzlers. Investing in new, energy-efficient appliances and tankless water heaters in San Ramon CA can help significantly reduce operating costs. Schedule service and repairs on the ones you already have can also help them operate more efficiently until you can save for new ones.  

3. Insulate Around Windows

Glass is not a good insulator, so windows are a prime area for drafts and leaks. Modern windows account for this with innovative fillers and seals. If they are surrounded by gaps in the insulation, however, that doesn’t really help. Take the time to add insulation and caulk around your windows. It will create a more comfortable inside environment and cut back on the need for heat and air condition. 

4. Plant Shade Trees

With some planning, you can use nature to cut back on energy use. Planting trees to shade your home in the summer can be a very effective conservation strategy. Trees have the added benefit of being able to remove carbon dioxide from the air, so they can make a bigger positive impact on the environment. 

Planting trees, upgrading appliances and insulating around windows can help keep home heating and cooling costs down. That reduces your household’s carbon footprint and helps preserve the environment. 

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A Very Nosy Article

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Unless people have allergies or a cold, with constant sniffling and nose-blowing, they might not give much thought to this facial organ. An individual’s nose, however, plays an important role in breathing, smelling, and shaping how that person’s voice sounds. If someone is dissatisfied with the nose’s appearance or how it functions, he or she might be motivated to consider surgery.

What Is Rhinoplasty?


Rhinoplasty refers to the type of plastic surgery that is performed in order to change how the nose is shaped. The nose is structured with an upper portion made of bone and a lower portion composed of cartilage. Having rhinoplasty, therefore, can change a person’s skin, bone, cartilage, or all of these components. When planning this type of facial plastic surgery Raleigh NC, the surgeon must take into account the other features of the face, the skin that is present on the nose, and the patient’s desired outcome. Depending on the circumstances, insurance may provide full or partial coverage of this surgery.

Are There Risks Involved?

Anytime a major surgery is performed, risks are involved, and rhinoplasty is no different in this respect. General risks include infection, bleeding, and an adverse reaction in response to the anesthesia. There are also other possible risks that are specifically related to rhinoplasty.

These can include experiencing permanent numbness around and inside the nose; difficulties when breathing through the nose; and persistent pain, swelling, or discoloration. As well, there is the possibility that the nose will have an uneven appearance, that septal perforation or scarring may result, or that an additional surgery will be necessary. Talking to the doctor can help a person to have a better understanding of these risks and how they might apply to his or her case.

What Are Some Possible Results?

Because a significant difference in the appearance of the nose can be achieved by making very slight changes to the nose’s structure, an experienced surgeon will be able to produce results that meet with a patient’s satisfaction. In other cases, these millimeter-scale changes will not have been adequate, and a follow-up surgery will be required.

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How To Make Your New House Feel Like a Home

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Are you a new homeowner? If you are, you know what an exciting time this is. On the other hand, it’s not uncommon to notice that it can take weeks, even months to feel at home. While time is one thing that can make a difference, there are many things you can do to make your new space feel more like your own space. Here are a few ideas to get you started. 

Make Things Cozy

If you’re finding your new place is lacking that cozy feel, you can remedy this quickly and easily. 

Adding comfortable throw pillows and blankets to your couches will create an inviting atmosphere just begging you to curl up and relax. If your windows are bare, don’t waste any time adding draperies, shades or curtains to instantly warm them up. Adding throw rugs around your home will break up hard flooring, adding texture and contrast throughout. 

Don’t forget about the power of scent around your home, too. If you haven’t made a batch of cookies yet, what are you waiting for?

Personalize the Look of Your Home

One of the challenges of becoming a homeowner is finding your style. It can be tricky to bring your visions to life, especially if you don’t have experience with design. 

Whether you have a vision in mind for how you’d love your home to look or have no idea where to start, researching options for interior decorating Arlington VA would be a great way to transform your house into a space that is perfect for you.

Spruce up the Entrance 

When your goal is to make your new place feel homey, one of the first places to turn is its entryway. 

Small changes such as painting the front door, adding a personalized welcome sign or putting up seasonal decorations will go a long way.

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How to Improve the Resale Value of Your Home

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Are you thinking about moving? Whether it’s time to downsize or you are expanding your family and are ready to settle in a new neighborhood, for almost all homeowners, relocating requires you to first sell your current home. Read on for three ways to make your home more attractive to potential buyers and drive up its value.

Value of Your Home

Improve Your Outdoor Space

Do you have a front or backyard? If so, it is important to make those areas as attractive and welcoming as possible. You want to cultivate an atmosphere that allows potential buyers to picture themselves enjoying a meal al fresco or simply relaxing and taking in the fresh air. You could contact a professional for patio installation Boca Raton, plant an attractive garden or install a fence in order to make the space feel more private.

Replace Your Appliances

Installing attractive, modern kitchen appliances is a surefire way to add to your home’s appeal. Especially if your current appliances do not match or are on their last legs, it is a good idea to have them removed and replaced with sleeker, newer models. Ideally, you should have a matching refrigerator, stove, oven, microwave and dishwasher.

Fix Any Minor Imperfections

Do you have a stubborn stain on your carpet that just won’t go away, or a small dent in a wall from a long-ago accident? Even if these small details feel insignificant to you, they may catch potential buyers’ attention and distract them from all of your home’s great selling points. Get that carpet cleaned and repair that wall before you start showing your home. A neutral third party (such as your realtor) will notice issues that you might miss and make recommendations.

Congratulations on your decision to sell your home and move on to a new situation! It’s always exciting to embrace a new life stage. Keep your home in great condition, maintain a positive attitude and you’ll be sure to find a buyer. Good luck!

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3 Ways To Keep Your Home Free of Bugs

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Bugs are a necessary component of the world’s ecosystem, but they can be a real pain when they’re in your personal space. Nobody likes to be greeted by the sight of ants crawling on their kitchen counter or roaches scuttering across the floor. A home that’s free of unwanted creepy-crawlies is a happy home, so read on to find out how you can keep those pesky pests out while keeping your sanity.

Home Free of Bugs

Monthly Pest Control Treatments

Your local pest control company needs to be the number you call in the event of a bug problem. The Staten Island pest control services you get for your household can make a difference in the effectiveness and quality of care, so do your research before making a consultation. Many companies offer eco-friendly treatments that use less harmful elements in favor of methods that benefit your household and the planet. Opt for monthly treatments to keep your home bug-free throughout the year.

Vacuum Frequently

Bugs love mess and disorder. It’s no surprise, then, that they’re found in dark corners and crevices and where the food crumbs accumulate. Vacuum your house at least once a week to remove dirt, dust, debris, and other garbage from your floors. The more pristine your carpets and floors are, the less likely bugs will want to take up residence.

Keep Your Kitchen Clean

The kitchen is a room in the house where the magic happens; the magic being delicious food and drinks. Unfortunately, it can also be the new hangout spot for all kinds of pests if you’re not careful. Clean up after every cooking session, store all foods and drinks in their proper places, and sanitize all surfaces and items used.

Bugs in your home can be a nuisance, and an infestation is easily any human’s worst nightmare. Prevent that nightmare from becoming a reality by following these three tips.