3 Steps for Learning How To Coparent

Even if a divorce is amicable, the process is still difficult for everyone involved to navigate. The process gets even more complicated when you and your former spouse have kids together and need to learn how to coparent. Using these three steps can help you adjust to coparenting quickly so the divorce’s impact on your kids is minimal.

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1. Hire a Lawyer

The first thing you need to do during any divorce is hire a good attorney. A lawyer will make sure you walk away from the divorce with assets and a custody arrangement you are happy with. The right Tampa divorce lawyer will also serve as a mediator between you and your ex to keep negotiations from becoming too heated.

2. Choose a Custody Schedule

One of the hardest things to do during a divorce is choosing a custody arrangement so that you and your ex can both spend plenty of time with your kids. There are several custody arrangements you can choose from so pick the one that meets your individual needs. Remember to put the needs of your kids first when choosing a custody arrangement and be willing to compromise with your former spouse to make the process easier.

3. Voice Positive Thoughts

You may not have anything nice to say about your ex. Regardless of how you feel about your former spouse, he or she is still an important figure in the lives of your kids, so it is important to suppress negativity when your children are around. Try to speak positively about your ex to your kids and then vent to a trusted friend or family member when you have something negative to say.

It takes time to learn how to be a goo coparent. If you use these three steps, you can develop a healthy coparenting relationship with your ex.

How To Help a Friend Cope With Divorce

Seeing a friend go through a divorce is difficult, whether you’ve been through the situation yourself or not. No one wants to see someone they care about suffer, but it might be hard to know what to say. If you know someone going through a divorce, here’s how you can help them cope.

Help a Friend Cope With Divorce

Listen to Them

When a friend’s marriage is ending, they need someone to listen to them. Although you might be tempted to dole out advice, it’s not what they need. Even if it’s an amicable or uncontested divorce Arlington VA, it’s still a major life change. Being heard by someone they trust is worth its weight in gold.

Resist Criticizing Their Ex

On the other hand, your friend may be frustrated and angry with their ex. It’s hard to not be critical if you know their ex is to blame but resist the urge. Understand that emotions run the gamut during divorce, but at sometime in the future, your friend might develop a healthy relationship with their ex.

Don’t Pass Judgment

Many times the best way to be a good friend is to hold back your opinion. When your friend talks, listen to them without passing judgment. Instead of making assumptions, ask what you can do to help. Just because they’re handling the situation differently than you would doesn’t make it wrong.

Keep Things to Yourself

Part of being a true friend means you can be trusted with personal information. When a friend confides in you during their divorce, don’t talk about it behind their back. If someone else asks about them, don’t divulge private information and encourage them to connect on their own.

When a friend is going through a divorce, it’s difficult to watch. Be the best friend you can by listening to them, remaining non-judgmental and giving them a safe place to heal.

3 Important Questions To Ask Your Divorce Attorney Post Preview

When people decide to say “I do,” they rarely assume that the happily ever after will end in divorce. Sadly, though, that is the reality we live in, and divorce rates continue to rise. According to a study done by Southern Methodist University in Texas, about 39% of marriages in the United States end in divorce. If you find yourself in this position, you will need the help of a Jacksonville family law firm to permanently dissolve a marriage.

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1. How Long Does the Process Take?

Most of the time, people want to get divorce proceedings over as soon as possible. One thing that you should discuss with your attorney is how long the process will take. This can vary based on a lot of factors, including if your spouse is cooperative and how assets will be divided.

2. How Will Payments Be Made?

Divorce is a joint effort between people who are typically not getting along. You need to find out if all of the divorce costs will be your expense or if your spouse will be held responsible for his or her half. Court costs can be expensive as well, so make sure you are financially prepared for the toll a divorce can take.

3. Can I Get My Name Changed?

Some women may be concerned about getting their name changed back to their maiden one. You should discuss this with your lawyer upfront. In some cases, the lawyers can make the name change a stipulation of the divorce. This can save you a lot of hassle from trying to change your name after the fact. 

While divorce is not easy, it does not have to be quite as challenging when you have a good legal team on your side. For more information, contact a family attorney to find out the next steps to take.

3 Things To Consider Before Divorcing

When considering a divorce, many factors should come into mind. The legal process involves several steps that may have you and your spouse before a judge. It can help to prepare yourself before separating. Consider these three things you should think about before ending your marriage.

3 Things To Consider Before Divorcing

1. Reentering the Workforce

If you have been at home caring for children, you need to decide how and when to reenter the workforce. Unless you need to continue to stay home to care for a special needs child or an infant, a judge will expect you to start working. However, this does not mean it will be immediate. A divorce attorney Norfolk can help request spousal support to bridge the financial gap. Even before the divorce is final, a judge may rule on temporary support.

2. Separating Assets and Debts

You and your spouse may have quite a few financial obligations you will need to consider splitting. Gather all of your financial documentation so you can come up with a strategy for recommending a fair split. Having account information will also help you when it comes to filling out the financial affidavit, a necessary document in the divorce process. The court will eventually want to see the basis for the type of financial split you and your spouse decide on. While it may not turn out the way you want, you should start with a figure or strategy in mind.

3. Sharing the Children

One of the most contentious parts of divorce is child custody and visitation. Going from a full-time parent to part-time is a painful prospect. Before initiating a divorce, you should decide the best-case scenario for sharing your children. If your spouse is a good parent, you should put aside personal feelings and consider what is best for the children. This means it is likely you and your spouse will share equally in the care of the kids.

Getting a divorce is one of the most challenging life events. Preparing yourself mentally before you split might help you get through it in higher spirits.

Surprising Facts About Life After Divorce

New statistics show that only 39% of people that marry will divorce, and that is not the only surprise. Here are three more surprising facts about life after the uncoupling.

Seven Year Itch

There may be a reason your neighborhood Tampa divorce lawyer is busy in the first few months of the year because that is when most people file for divorce. Statistically, it also follows that the seven-year itch is true because people often contact a lawyer right after the holidays and between their seventh and eighth year of marriage.

Men Get Richer

When men are limited to child support and sometimes alimony in supporting their ex-partner and family, their incomes often go up significantly. The myth has long been held that men suffer great financial loss after a divorce, but several studies show this is simply not the case. Men’s available income goes up as much as 30% immediately after the divorce.

Women Get Happier

Women may be impacted more strongly by financial woes after a divorce, but several new studies show they are significantly happier than their male counterparts. That could be because men often marry again right away, but that has yet to be studied.

Professions Matter

If you are considering marriage to a dancer or a bartender, think again! Choreographers, dancers, and bartenders all have significantly higher rates of divorce than other professions. Could it be the alcohol and endorphins lead to the shedding of inhibitions? Who knows!

Women Ask More

It may come as a huge surprise that women ask to be released from their marriage about 70% of the time. However, that statistic comes on the heel of a study announcing that women are found to cheat in their marriage in almost equal numbers to the men.

The one thing you can hold true after following all the old myths about marriage and divorce is that nothing is certain. Men and women and their attitudes toward marriage seem to change every year. Now that is no surprise!