Understanding OSHA Recordable Incidents

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Within the workplace, employees have a reasonable expectation of safety and security. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) is instrumental in establishing conditions that would encourage this kind of environment. However, accidents still happen and some employees seek advice from a workplace injury lawyer Portland OR office. Employers are required to file a report with OSHA anytime a recordable incident occurs, and here are some things that must be recorded.

OSHA Recordable Incidents

The rules of OSHA require that any work-related illness or injury that has the following results must be recorded (reported to OSHA). These situations include:

  • Loss of consciousness
  • Medical treatment beyond first aid
  • Transfer to another position or restricted work
  • Time away from work for one or more days after the date of the incident
  • An illness or injury that has been diagnosed by a licensed health care professional
  • A work-related fatality

The only exception to these reporting situations if for employers that have ten or fewer employees. These businesses are exempted from filing requirements.

Who’s to Blame

Many business owners or HR personnel feel that by filling out a report and sending the incident to OSHA, they are admitting guilt in the situation. Maintaining a record doesn’t assign fault or automatically declare that an OSHA rule was violated. Recordable incidents don’t guarantee the eligibility of an employee for worker’s comp or disability benefits. OSHA uses the data from records all over the country to works towards more safe and healthful working conditions.  

The Recordable Threshold

Any illness or injury where treatment is limited to first aid efforts is not recordable. There are 14 treatments that fall under this category, and there are four areas of treatment for musculoskeletal injuries that fall under this classification as well. Anytime an employee loses consciousness on the job, the situation is considered recordable.

Failing to fill out the proper paperwork for a workplace injury can get your company in a lot of trouble. Have easy access to the documents needed and train supervisors on incidents that must be reported.

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Safe Ways Churches Can Celebrate Reopening

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After prayers, plans and implementation of safety measures, church members look forward to returning to their places of worship with thankful hearts. As the congregants resume services, many organizations want to celebrate the renewal of worship in a meaningful and safe manner. Faith groups can consider these ways to commemorate reopening over the coming weeks.

Memorialize the Event

The pandemic and accompanying losses will be part of the history of every community and organization. Religious groups may want to establish a reminder of this impact on their congregation. Perhaps members gifted in fabric art could create a special banner to hang in the narthex or sanctuary. A thoughtful project can involve a number of participants with various skill levels. Another possibility is to commission liturgical items Kansas City MO specialty businesses offer, such as a customized candelabra that is meaningful to the group.

Reopen With Flowers

Flowers add an expressive statement to momentous occasions, and resuming worship services after several months brings out many emotions. Some members or congregations may choose to utilize professional floral decorations, but it is also the time of year churchgoers can provide lovely cut-flower arrangements from their own gardens. Either way, flowers signify gratitude and a warm welcome to returning participants.

Provide Help for Others

Another fitting way for faith organizations to restart their regular gatherings is to help others who are still struggling with the effects of the pandemic. Many opportunities exist throughout the community, the nation and the world to make a difference. Projects could involve collections for food banks, blood drives or job-search programs for the unemployed. Meeting the needs of others not only provides crucial assistance but also bonds the group’s members as they work together for a common cause.

Whether your church has already resumed services or is still planning for a safe reopening, help the congregation express gratitude for a new beginning. Involve all the members and reach out to those in need.

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The Changes Brought to Society by COVID-19

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The COVID-19 pandemic has taken the world by surprise, leaving companies and individuals scrambling to find a way to carry out jobs and tasks while still staying safe and protected from the virus. Because of the social distancing recommendations and government-issued lockdown orders, many companies have found ways for their businesses to be moved to online or remote operations. In fact, industries operating today look nothing like they did two months ago. Here are some things that have changed because of the coronavirus.

In-Person Services

In the past, important transactions for things like real estate sales were required to be done in person. Now, things like online attorney services Shavertown PA residents have been using are popping up all over the country. Online or remote connections are being used for banking transactions, purchasing property, and filing applications for utilities. Many services that had to be conducted in person have had restrictions waived to be carried out virtually.

Social Distancing Guidelines

The main reason for making changes to virtual services is to keep a dangerous virus from spreading more rapidly from one person to another. To support these efforts, social distancing guidelines have been in place in retail stores, restaurants, healthcare facilities, and just about every business that is currently open within the United States. Though these are not hard to maintain, it does make it difficult to get an appointment when you want to get your hair done.

Corporate Partnerships

Over the last few weeks, the government has been able to reach out to corporations across the nation for help purchasing and distributing supplies to healthcare providers and facilities quickly. Companies have looked past their bottom line to turn out products and services that benefit an entire nation, not just the bank accounts of shareholders.

There is still some debate about whether or not life will go back to normal after the threat of the virus has passed. Many consumers appreciate the conveniences of these changes, so it will be interesting to see how long they last.


The 3 Most Common Criminal Justice Sentences

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When defendants are convicted in the criminal justice system, they are sentenced to several types of punishments. These sentences depend on the severity of the crime, as well as factors like criminal records and differences by state or county. Despite the uniqueness of each case, there are some sentences that are more common than others. 


Incarceration is a type of incapacitation sentence that requires the offenders to spend a certain amount of time inside a facility. The goal is to physically top the defendants from committing future crimes. People convicted of misdemeanors, defendants who are not convicted and felons who violate parole usually spend time in county-run jails. Meanwhile, state and federal government run prisons, where convicted felons serve out their lengthy sentences. 


A sentence that focuses more on rehabilitation than incapacitation, parole allows certain qualified prisoners the ability to finish their sentences earlier than their established term. If they follow specific guidelines, the parole board determines they are ready to reenter society and become law-abiding citizens. Parolees are under supervision after their release and must continue to meet requirements until the end of the initial prison term. Parole violations can send them to jail to serve the rest of the term. 


The most common sentence is probation, where convicts can avoid incarceration in exchange for following guidelines and providing community service. The defendants must report to a probation officer and adhere to restrictions involving travel, substance abuse, socialization and others. They must also serve the community and take relevant courses like anger management class or a john school diversion program. If the sentenced violates probation, they can face incarceration. 

The criminal justice system uses a variety of punishments that depend on elements like the severity of the crimes and the offenders’ history. The defendants can benefit from learning about these sentences and consulting their attorneys to receive the best outcome. 

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Managing Your Work’s Copyright

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Whether you are an artist or starting your own business, your creative work has rights. Though the nature of these rights can be more fully explained by an attorney familiar with licensing law Southfield MI area, you don’t have to do anything to earn or obtain these rights. Here is a quick overview of how to protect your copyright when you are an author.

Use a Notice

Though not legally required, it is best to file a copy work notice for your work through the Registration Portal on the U.S. Copyright Office website. This is important if your work will be distributed to the public.

Understand Longevity

In the past, copyrights would have to be renewed in order to be active. Now, one application provides one term of coverage. This is equal to the life of the author or originator plus another 70 years.

Fix Errors

Check your copyright after is has been issued for errors. Always take action to have the information corrected. There are different methods to fix any issues, and if it was something that the administration should have caught originally, there will be no charge to make the correction. Check to make sure numbers haven’t been transposed or for missing information. If the errors are because of an incomplete application or misinformation, you are responsible for amending the application.

Submit Changes

Throughout the course of your life, you will need to submit information changed to the Copyright Office. File a corrections form if you change your address, your name, or the title of the work. You will also need to record a transfer document if you transfer the ownership of the copyright.

Make Your Mark

You do not have to sign or mark your work in order to be covered by copyright protection. Once it is fixed in a tangible medium, whether saved in a file or printed, you will have specific rights. However, there are many benefits when putting a noted marking or signature that indicates copyright and ownership.