3 Tips for Buying a House

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The first time you purchase a home is usually a memorable experience. You probably will remember the exciting parts, but what may stick out are the obstacles you have to overcome. Here are some tips to help you avoid frequent issues that first-time home buyers often encounter.

Set a Budget

It’s easy to spend more than you can afford to spend when buying a house. Many buyers look at the cost of the house but fail to take into account all the added expenses that come with it. Property taxes, homeowners insurance and maintenance costs are just a few of the items that need to be included in your budget. Having a solid down payment can help you get a better deal on a mortgage. A realistic view of the actual cost of home ownership can help you make decisions that won’t break the bank.

Hire Help

Navigating the buying process is a job for seasoned professionals. At minimum, you need a real estate agent. Your agent works as your advocate throughout the process. They can negotiate for better terms and help you find ways to appeal to sellers. A real estate lawyer Ashburn VA, can also be a helpful person to have on your side. Buying a home comes with a lot of paperwork that contains legal jargon. Your attorney can help you understand your responsibilities before you sign on the dotted line.

Get an Inspection

Most real estate transactions include a mandatory inspection to make sure that the house is up to code and is in the condition that the seller claims. There may be items that a general inspection doesn’t cover, though. Have the property inspected for leaks, pests and mold. It’s also a good idea to walk through the property with the inspector so that you can ensure that everything gets checked.

Buying a home can be complicated. These tips can help you simplify it.


How To Handle Bankruptcy

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Bankruptcy is a term that is often heard in the world today. The financial strain of 2008 saw many people who likely never thought they would be in such a situation file for bankruptcy. Many years later, the unfortunate reality is that many people still find themselves facing the reality that they will have to declare bankruptcy. However, while this can be a scary reality, it often is not as bad as many people think it is. The process is often difficult, but if the right steps are taken the end result can often be a financial rebirth and freedom from past creditors. Often, the key to successfully navigating bankruptcy is finding an expert to guide you through the process and to advocate on your behalf. 

Finding a Bankruptcy Attorney

Often, the person who is going to advocate for you during the bankruptcy process should be an attorney. Many attorneys specialize in bankruptcy law and are experts at navigating the waters of bankruptcy. Many times you can find a great bankruptcy attorney by searching the internet for one near you. For example, if you search “Rockville bankruptcy lawyer“, you will likely find a list of lawyers in that area that specialize in bankruptcy. From that point, you can often narrow the list down to attorneys you want to contact. 

Contacting Your Attorney

Once you find the attorney you would like to work with, you will likely be able to use their website to find a phone number to call them at. While this step can be intimidating, it is often necessary to get a better understanding of the process and requirements for going through bankruptcy. Many times, lawyers are happy to discuss what the process will look like with those who are about to go through the bankruptcy process. While the initial phone call will often not answer all of the questions you may have, you will likely be able to set up a meeting with the lawyer to learn more. Bankruptcy can be scary, but a good lawyer can often make all the difference. 


Austin, TX – Real Estate Legal Counsel

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President Trump has been placing an insurmountable amount of pressure on Jerome Powell to repeatedly lower the federal funds rate to counteract China’s alleged currency manipulation. With this said, the Federal Reserve decreased interest rates roughly one week ago and are on pace to perform the same action again this fall. Many economists are confused by this action because this interest rate is generally lowered in times of economic crisis or recession. Since these rates were reduced,  many homeowners are re-mortgaging their homes to take advantage of the lower prices and lower mortgage payments. Depending on one’s adversity to risk, now is a perfect time to purchase either a home or commercial real-estate. This is especially true for the Austin, Texas area at this time. If you are looking to make one of these investments, you may want to reach out to a real estate law firm Austin tx.

Consulting with a Real Estate Law Firm

One of the main functions of these types of law firms involves drafting and drawing up documents for a multitude of reasons. Creating a legally binding purchasing agreement is an endeavor best left to professionals, and these attorneys would be happy to assist you. Real estate law firms in the area will also be more knowledgable regarding the fair value of properties and may be able to help you negotiate with the other party. People are looking to close quickly, and for the right amount, they may be willing to concede a bit on the price to move forward with their life.

Real estate lawyers are also responsible for reviewing sales transactions both before and after they close. These professionals will advise against corrupt or immoral deals and will point you in the right direction with all real estate purchasing decisions. While the choice is ultimately yours, it never hurts to have a professional in your corner.

Divorce Attorney

Surprising Facts About Life After Divorce

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New statistics show that only 39% of people that marry will divorce, and that is not the only surprise. Here are three more surprising facts about life after the uncoupling.

Seven Year Itch

There may be a reason your neighborhood Tampa divorce lawyer is busy in the first few months of the year because that is when most people file for divorce. Statistically, it also follows that the seven-year itch is true because people often contact a lawyer right after the holidays and between their seventh and eighth year of marriage.

Men Get Richer

When men are limited to child support and sometimes alimony in supporting their ex-partner and family, their incomes often go up significantly. The myth has long been held that men suffer great financial loss after a divorce, but several studies show this is simply not the case. Men’s available income goes up as much as 30% immediately after the divorce.

Women Get Happier

Women may be impacted more strongly by financial woes after a divorce, but several new studies show they are significantly happier than their male counterparts. That could be because men often marry again right away, but that has yet to be studied.

Professions Matter

If you are considering marriage to a dancer or a bartender, think again! Choreographers, dancers, and bartenders all have significantly higher rates of divorce than other professions. Could it be the alcohol and endorphins lead to the shedding of inhibitions? Who knows!

Women Ask More

It may come as a huge surprise that women ask to be released from their marriage about 70% of the time. However, that statistic comes on the heel of a study announcing that women are found to cheat in their marriage in almost equal numbers to the men.

The one thing you can hold true after following all the old myths about marriage and divorce is that nothing is certain. Men and women and their attitudes toward marriage seem to change every year. Now that is no surprise!


3 Reasons You Should Hire a Family Law Attorney

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Issues tend to crop up between people leading them to cut ties. While you might like to believe you can keep it cordial and come to terms after the dust settles, there are some situations where this may not work. When you are going through a divorce or have children in common with another, splitting up can get much more complicated. Even after an initial order, things change and may require a formal revision. Having an attorney help you out in these three situations may cost you money, but it may save you hassle and heartache.

1. You Are Getting Divorced

Divorce laws can be tricky, and while the courts have self-service centers dealing with family law hernando county fl, the process isn’t easy. There are a lot of deadlines and formal paperwork that needs preparing, signing and filing. If you are not familiar with how the court process works, you may find yourself in trouble relatively quickly. You may make mistakes and lose out. Thus, consider getting the help of someone who specializes in the law.

2. You Need to Modify Child Support

Your child support may have been working for a few years, but a change in income may warrant a revision. You could go through the state, but that takes time and does not always take overnights and other credits into account. Traversing this alone may cost you time and money you cannot afford.

3. You Want To Change a Parenting Plan

The parenting plan you finalized has since become outdated and needs revising. You and your ex are on better terms and may be able to come to an arrangement, but not setting that agreement in stone may be something you regret down the road. If issues come up, the law will defer to the terms in the original parenting plan, which may end up putting you in a bad situation.

Hiring a family lawyer to ensure your rights are preserved and things are done correctly may be your best course of action in any of these three examples.