A Bit About TABC Licensing

Alcohol is a commodity with a rich history in America, both in terms of supply and demand. Today it’s as popular as ever, as proven by the ubiquitous commercials for beer and spirits that pop up on the television screen. It is up to state and federal authorities to regulate the finer points of the alcoholic beverage trade. For instance, many states have shortened hours for selling alcohol on Sundays, and in some,no Sunday selling hours at all. 

tabc licensing

TABC, or the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission, is the authority in Texas when it comes to questions of alcohol sales and is the entity responsible for imparting to the public a holistic understanding of the laws and regulations regarding the sale of alcohol. It is tasked with inspecting, taxing and regulating the manufacturing, selling and usage of alcohol in the state. It aims to arm everybody from manufacturers to vendors with accurate information to keep everybody safe and in the know.

How Does TABC Work?

TABC offers certification to sellers, servers and even delivery drivers. TABC licensing is required to deal in alcohol in Texas. To receive TABC certification, you must first complete a course on the subject, specific to your role. There are dozens of online courses and in-person sites around the state that offer these courses. 

What Can I Learn Through TABC?

TABC training can walk you through the essential knowledge that is necessary to successfully deal in alcohol in Texas. It informs on such issues as selling alcohol in proximity to churches and schools and hours that retailers can sell alcohol. It speaks to how restaurants can legally serve alcohol or legally allow customers to bring their own alcohol, what kind they are allowed to bring and how much. 

There is an awful lot to learn about the rules and responsibilities of purveying alcohol in Texas. TABC ensures that basic information is acknowledged by everybody involved. 

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