4 Home Upgrades To Cut Your Home’s Carbon Footprint

A carbon footprint provides a picture of the amount of greenhouse gasses produced by your actions. How much power you consume impacts your emissions output. In the majority of households, more than half of all energy used is for heating and cooling. Reducing how much energy you need to heat and cool your home also reduces your carbon footprint and, as a result, your impact on the environment. Try these four home upgrades to get started. 

Home's Carbon

1. Change Your Thermostat

That is why even small changes in your home temperature can make a big difference in your overall energy consumption. The Department of Energy recommends adjusting your thermostat by 8-10 degrees for about eight hours each day. Installing a new programmable or smart thermostat can make that easier to achieve. 

2. Invest in Efficient Appliances

Major appliances are also big power guzzlers. Investing in new, energy-efficient appliances and tankless water heaters in San Ramon CA can help significantly reduce operating costs. Schedule service and repairs on the ones you already have can also help them operate more efficiently until you can save for new ones.  

3. Insulate Around Windows

Glass is not a good insulator, so windows are a prime area for drafts and leaks. Modern windows account for this with innovative fillers and seals. If they are surrounded by gaps in the insulation, however, that doesn’t really help. Take the time to add insulation and caulk around your windows. It will create a more comfortable inside environment and cut back on the need for heat and air condition. 

4. Plant Shade Trees

With some planning, you can use nature to cut back on energy use. Planting trees to shade your home in the summer can be a very effective conservation strategy. Trees have the added benefit of being able to remove carbon dioxide from the air, so they can make a bigger positive impact on the environment. 

Planting trees, upgrading appliances and insulating around windows can help keep home heating and cooling costs down. That reduces your household’s carbon footprint and helps preserve the environment. 

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