4 Benefits to Becoming a Notary Public

One of the most routine office procedures is having a document notarized. Papers are notarized for many reasons, but have you ever wondered how a person becomes a notary in the first place? If you’re an office assistant that has to have documents notarized, you could become one yourself. Here are several reasons becoming a notary public can benefit your career.

how to become a notary in Florida

You Can Make Extra Money

Did you know that you can make extra money as a notary? Each state has specific laws, but you can charge a small fee each time you notarize a document. If this is something that interests you, look into how to become a notary in Florida and have the prospect of making a little extra money on the side.

You’ll Be an Office Asset

Having an in-house notary is a huge asset to your office. Whenever paperwork needs to be notarized, it can be stamped and signed right away without having to wait until another notary is available. Taking on this extra responsibility could further your career and get you that raise you’ve been after.

It’ll Boost Your Resume

The more qualifications you can add to your resume, the better. Being a notary public is an excellent bullet point to include because so many offices are looking for them. Another benefit to having your notary is once you get it, it’s yours to take to whatever job you like. 

You Can Find a New Career

If you enjoy the entire process of signing and stamping documents, you may be interested in a career as a signing agent. Signing agents make a living assisting loan closings for mortgages. Although you may need additional training to start, getting your notary is a desirable first step.

You Have Nothing To Lose

If becoming a notary public has crossed your mind, act on it. You have nothing to lose by adding another skill to your resume. It may help you further your present career and help you excel in the future. 

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