4 Benefits of Having an Automatic Door

A door seems like a pretty common thing that you may not think about often, but when a door won’t open or you have your arms full of papers a door becomes a pretty big obstacle. Using automatic doors New York will simplify your life and provide many benefits to you and your customers.

1. Germ Free

Even though you can’t see them, germs are everywhere. At the end of the day the amount of people who have touched the door handle to your business is outstanding. Automatic doors will help keep you and your customers healthy because the entrance will be touch free lowing the risk of spreading sickness.

2. Makes Life Easier

There is nothing more annoying than having to balance everything you are holding in one hand to use the other to open the door, or worse have to set everything on the ground. Having automatic doors allows you to enter no matter what you are holding. 

3. Includes Everyone

Sometimes the simple act of entering a business can be difficult for those with a disability. Whether it is the elderly or someone in a wheel chair, not having to hold and push open a big heavy door is a big deal. An automatic door will allow everyone who wishes to visit your store access to come in.

4. Saves Energy

You may not realize how much energy can be lost when opening your door. Doors take awhile to open and close and have the possibility to be left open. With doors that are automatic, the open and close time is quick and will successfully close every time they open. 

Automatic doors may seem like a simple thing but play a big roll in people’s lives. Whether you are carrying a lot of things or have a disability, you can enter your business with ease, plus you will save energy and money and keep those around you as healthy as possible with touch-less entrance. 

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