3 Ways To Make Buildings More Accessible

Buildings More Accessible

The Americans with Disabilities Act passed in 1990, and it signaled a new era of accessibility to those who use wheelchairs and who live with other challenges. While making buildings manageable for the entire population is law, doing so should also be in the minds of architects and designers so that structures are inclusive for all populations. Here are three ways to make buildings more accessible.


If your business is in a crowded area, you may not find this area easy. Some smaller businesses may not even provide parking as such for customers. However, if you have a larger parking lot, include designated spaces close to the building for those living with disabilities.


Make sure all people can enter your building without challenge. This may mean you need to redesign your entrance to include a ramp for those using wheelchairs. Other elements are also important in allowing full and easy access to your building.

  • Handrails
  • Automatic doors
  • Easy-to-use elevators for all visitors

Some companies specialize in revocable consent NYC, making it easy to modify structures and add features that allow easy access for everyone.


You also need to consider how easily people with disabilities can navigate once they are inside your building.

  • Remove obstructions
  • Secure power cords
  • Include Braille in signage

If your building has narrow hallways, you may need to consider providing rooms at the front of your structure to serve those who use wheelchairs so they do not have to try to navigate other areas.

Inclusive Designs

The ADA is about including everyone in building plans and designs. While newer buildings are built with accessibility in mind, there are many ways older buildings can also be made easy to navigate for all people. Business and society as a whole are stronger when every person plays a role and has a voice.

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