3 Ways To Keep Your Home Free of Bugs

Bugs are a necessary component of the world’s ecosystem, but they can be a real pain when they’re in your personal space. Nobody likes to be greeted by the sight of ants crawling on their kitchen counter or roaches scuttering across the floor. A home that’s free of unwanted creepy-crawlies is a happy home, so read on to find out how you can keep those pesky pests out while keeping your sanity.

Home Free of Bugs

Monthly Pest Control Treatments

Your local pest control company needs to be the number you call in the event of a bug problem. The Staten Island pest control services you get for your household can make a difference in the effectiveness and quality of care, so do your research before making a consultation. Many companies offer eco-friendly treatments that use less harmful elements in favor of methods that benefit your household and the planet. Opt for monthly treatments to keep your home bug-free throughout the year.

Vacuum Frequently

Bugs love mess and disorder. It’s no surprise, then, that they’re found in dark corners and crevices and where the food crumbs accumulate. Vacuum your house at least once a week to remove dirt, dust, debris, and other garbage from your floors. The more pristine your carpets and floors are, the less likely bugs will want to take up residence.

Keep Your Kitchen Clean

The kitchen is a room in the house where the magic happens; the magic being delicious food and drinks. Unfortunately, it can also be the new hangout spot for all kinds of pests if you’re not careful. Clean up after every cooking session, store all foods and drinks in their proper places, and sanitize all surfaces and items used.

Bugs in your home can be a nuisance, and an infestation is easily any human’s worst nightmare. Prevent that nightmare from becoming a reality by following these three tips.

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