3 Things to Never Say to a Lawyer

If you are facing litigation, you want the best representation possible to secure your chances of reaching a favorable verdict. After reaching out to the law offices in Rockville Maryland, you need to make sure that you don’t inadvertently do anything to ruin your credibility with a lawyer. Here are some of the things you should never say if you want an attorney to fully commit to taking your case.

3 Things to Never Say to a Lawyer

1. The Judge Just Doesn’t Like Me

More than likely, the judge assigned to your case has never met you before, and assuming his or her position as a way to defend your own isn’t very becoming. The majority of judges are both fair and good, using the law rather than their own opinions to determine case outcomes. All decisions must be grounded in the rule of law, even if it seems unfair to you.

2. I Never Get a Fair Deal

If you have ever been in trouble with the law, those incidents stay on your record. There is no reason for a judge or prosecutor to go “easy” on you. In the legal system, you have total responsibility for your behaviors and the resulting consequences. There is no fair or unfair when it comes to following the letter of the law. Your attorney will fight on your behalf, but there are some results that are beyond their control.

3. I Really Can’t Afford to Pay

Unlike what you see on television, most lawyers don’t do a lot of pro bono work. They offer professional services for a fee. As badly as you need legal counsel, if you can’t afford their services, you probably won’t get their help. Try to work out payments or seek help from a non-profit legal aid organization.

These three sentences are the last thing a lawyer wants to hear from prospective clients. Don’t jeopardize your ability to secure good counsel by letting these slip out.

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