3 Things To Consider Before Divorcing

When considering a divorce, many factors should come into mind. The legal process involves several steps that may have you and your spouse before a judge. It can help to prepare yourself before separating. Consider these three things you should think about before ending your marriage.

3 Things To Consider Before Divorcing

1. Reentering the Workforce

If you have been at home caring for children, you need to decide how and when to reenter the workforce. Unless you need to continue to stay home to care for a special needs child or an infant, a judge will expect you to start working. However, this does not mean it will be immediate. A divorce attorney Norfolk can help request spousal support to bridge the financial gap. Even before the divorce is final, a judge may rule on temporary support.

2. Separating Assets and Debts

You and your spouse may have quite a few financial obligations you will need to consider splitting. Gather all of your financial documentation so you can come up with a strategy for recommending a fair split. Having account information will also help you when it comes to filling out the financial affidavit, a necessary document in the divorce process. The court will eventually want to see the basis for the type of financial split you and your spouse decide on. While it may not turn out the way you want, you should start with a figure or strategy in mind.

3. Sharing the Children

One of the most contentious parts of divorce is child custody and visitation. Going from a full-time parent to part-time is a painful prospect. Before initiating a divorce, you should decide the best-case scenario for sharing your children. If your spouse is a good parent, you should put aside personal feelings and consider what is best for the children. This means it is likely you and your spouse will share equally in the care of the kids.

Getting a divorce is one of the most challenging life events. Preparing yourself mentally before you split might help you get through it in higher spirits.

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