3 Situations That May Require a Lawyer

Most people do not want to be engaged in a situation that would involve going through the legal process. However, certain circumstances can happen in people’s lives where hiring a lawyer may be the best option.

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1. Lawsuit

Whether the position is as the plaintiff or the defendant, it is a good idea to have an experienced lawyer to give advice and build a case. Lawyers specialize in certain areas, so make sure that the person hired specializes in the correct field. For example, someone who has been injured in the workplace may want to consider hiring a workers comp attorney Portland Oregon.

2. Workplace Discrimination

There are laws on the books on both the federal and state level in the United States about workplace discrimination. In some cases, discrimination can escalate into a wrongful termination.  Employees who are dealing with issues at work are able to take action in the form of a lawsuit. Someone who has been discriminated against in the workplace may want to contact an attorney who is qualified to handle those types of cases.

3. Criminal Charges

Someone who has criminal charges brought up against them will want to consider their options carefully when it comes to a defense lawyer. Since lawyers do specialize in different types of cases, it is a good idea to check the credentials of whoever will be hired to ensure adequate representation. Even if the intent is to try to get a plea deal in order to avoid a lengthy court process, having a lawyer present can help guide the situation to more favorable results.

When deciding who to hire in any type of situation, it is a good idea to do careful research before signing any paperwork. Good representation can make a huge difference in the outcome of a case, and in some circumstances can impact people’s entire lives.

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