3 Reasons To File for Divorce

Separating from a spouse is never easy, and often, divorce is the best option for many couples. With that said, not every relationship is the same, nor do all separations require a legal divorce. 

If you live in Arizona and you are going through a difficult separation, you may wonder if you need a divorce and family law attorney Tucson AZ. Ultimately, the answer to that question lies solely between you and your spouse, however, here are three valid reasons for filing.

divorce and family law attorney Tucson AZ

1. Adultery or Cheating

While monogamy remains a personal choice and many married couples openly maintain satisfying polygamous relationships, personal values are what actually define adultery or cheating. If your spouse has broken the agreed-upon values that you both share and it qualifies as cheating in your book, then adultery can be a valid reason for divorce

2. Mental or Physical Abuse

Another valid reason for filing for divorce is when your spouse has been mentally or physically abusing you in any way. Although physical abuse is often the most obvious, emotional or mental abuse is sometimes the most destructive to a person’s health and overall well-being. Keep in mind that it may take some time to process mental trauma. Do not let anyone rush you with their opinions.

3. Incompatibility

Regardless of what anyone says, sometimes your spouse just turns out to be the wrong person for you. It is not so much about him or her or you, but rather, your individual differences and incompatibilities in beliefs and values. These are the kinds of things that define you, and spending the rest of your life with someone to settle on them can be unnecessary torture that divorce can easily solve. Divorce is not always the best solution for marriage problems, but many times, it is. Remembering that there is no shame in personal freedom may help make your decision easier. 

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