3 Facts About E Waste

Electronic waste is a growing problem for the world. As humans desire newer technology at a faster rate than ever, the amount of obsolete electronics is growing exponentially.

E scrap, also sometimes called e scrap or electronics waste, is one of the biggest causes of waste worldwide. Unwanted cell phones, computers and televisions are often dumped in landfills, causing a host of problems for the environment. Keep reading for a few important facts about electronics pollution.

e scrap

1. Electronics Recycling Is Effective.

There’s good news about this crisis: the EPA estimates that for every million cell phones that are recycled, over 70 pounds of gold and 30 thousand pounds of copper can be successfully recovered. Electronics recycling is a very effective way to properly dispose of unwanted electronics and recover materials that can be used in future projects.

2. Electronics Recycling Is Not Well Regulated in the United States.

Unfortunately, government guidelines regarding the disposal of electronics aren’t well established. In fact, there are no federal laws in the US regarding e waste disposal. Only 26 US states have statewide mandates regarding electronics recycling, most of which place the burden on the manufacturer to fund the proper disposal. California is the only state that requires consumers to pay a fee, also known as an ARF, to help support recycling efforts.

3. The Waste Can Be Slowed Down.

The vast numbers of unwanted electronics are staggering. Most Americans have at least one computer or cell phone that needs to be disposed of. This trend can be slowed if people would wait longer to replace their electronics. Consumers can also consider fixing, rather than replacing, any broken parts to extend the life of their devices.

Electronics waste is a problem that will continue to grow in the coming years. If consumers and companies can prioritize the need for proper waste disposal, we can work to reverse this disturbing trend and protect people and the planet.

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