3 Factors to Consider When Choosing a Concealed Carry Holster

After you have taken your gun safety and concealed weapons courses and received your concealed carry permit, it is time to choose your weapon and holster. As a permit holder, you will have to get used to carrying your firearm every day. You want to get to the point where you put it on like another piece of clothing in the morning. To make sure it is comfortable enough that you carry it every day, consider the following factors.

Carry Location

Your waist size, armpit-to-hip distance, hand size, hip width and physical strength will all affect how and where you carry your firearm. For example, women generally have smaller hands, wider hips and less distance between their armpits and hips. Therefore, using a shoulder or waist holster may be uncomfortable, especially if they spend much of the day sitting. However concealed carry ankle holsters might work well for a backup weapon if they wear loose-legged pants because it can be tightened to hug the ankle and calf so it does not move.


Not only does the holster have to fit the wearer, but it must fit the weapon. The trigger guard should be completely covered, and the firearm should fit snugly into the holster. Your gun should not move or slide around when it is holstered. Don’t be tempted to purchase a more one-size-fits-several holster with a safety strap just to save money. Choose a holster that is made for your weapon.


You should be able to draw your weapon quickly with either hand. Your holster should allow you to get a solid grip on your handgun prior to drawing it out of the holster. Then, your holster should be rigid enough that it stays open even after you draw so it can be re-holstered easily. You should be able to draw in multiple positions, such as sitting, standing and running, as well.

Don’t settle for the most common carry method or an inexpensive one-size holster. Choose a safe holster made from high-quality materials that can be completely hidden, and consider purchasing and practicing with multiple holsters.

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