2 Activity Ideas for Senior Citizens

While aging is full of many meaningful milestones, it can also come with the fear of the future and loneliness for many senior citizens. If a senior has to move into 24 hour care Woodinville WA because of health-related concerns, they have to uproot their whole lives for this new environment. Many seniors can fall into depression if they are isolated and unstimulated in their new living arrangements. However, nursing homes don’t have to be boring. Here are two activities for seniors to participate in that are safe and fun for anyone. 

2 Activity Ideas for Senior Citizens

1. Exercise Classes

You don’t need any props for many exercises or a lot of space to turn an open room into a super-satisfying workout. Staying active is key to maintaining positive health all throughout your life. Instead of high-intensity weight lifting or cardio, classes can surround light stretching or aerobic based dance classes. It doesn’t matter how much someone moves. It just matters that they are moving. Here are some ideas of great workouts for seniors. 

2. Gardening Groups

Many nursing homes are arranged on large blocks of land. Some of the space could be used for a community garden for the seniors. This is a great activity because it fosters independence for seniors and allows them to watch something sprout to life. After the garden’s crops are collected for the season, the nursing home could sponsor a potluck for the residents. Doing this would allow the residents an opportunity to see their good work come to fruition. Instead of having to rely on someone else to complete tasks for them, they can take ownership of being in control of a garden’s plentiful outpouring. 

Humans experience their golden years between 65 and 80, and these exciting years should be enjoyed. However, if someone feels stuck in a boring environment for years on end, they won’t be able to find pleasure. Incorporating activities such as these will bring back the bounce to any senior citizen’s step.

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